Tennessee Detoxification Centers

Detox help for TennesseeFor people who are in need of detoxification before rehabilitation, Tennessee has just over 30 detox centers to assist in the medically-supervised withdrawal process. About 20 of these programs are residential detox facilities and the remaining centers are inpatient hospital detoxes.

While most people do not need a medical detox before entering a rehab program, there are many situations where it may be required. Some cases may include extreme levels of alcohol or opiates, medium to higher levels of methadone and prescription drugs such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs (Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, etc.) and antipsychotics.

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About TN Drug and Alcohol Detox

While facilities that use opioid replacement therapy as a form of drug treatment only make up 5 percent of the total, they accumulate over 30 percent of all of the treatment clients, meaning that less than a dozen facilities combine to trap more than 4,000 people on more drugs instead of helping them detox. The rise in methadone clinics in Appalachia has also seen an alarming increase in the number of methadone-related deaths.

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Aside from non-medical withdrawal and medically-supervised detox centers, another more thorough form of body cleansing is becoming much more popular because of its effectiveness. The procedure includes a very uniqe and intense sauna physical detoxification associated with a regimen of vitamins, minerals, oils and other nutritional supplements to help do a much more in-depth elimination of toxins from the body. This procedure has shown amazine results in the drug detox and rehabilitation field in helping addicts from Tennessee and around the country to permanently recover.

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