Tennessee Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction help for TennesseeNearly 450,000 people in Tennessee reportedly used an illicit substance in the past month, many of whom wind up developing abuse and addiction problems. In fact, more than 150,000 people in TN over the age of 12 were classified as having a drug abuse or dependency situation in the past year.

As a result of a shortage of beds, ineffective prior treatment attempts and a general lack of resources, roughly 130,000 people in the state claimed they needed but did not receive any addiction-related services in the past year.

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TN Addiction Information

A very high percentage of people who become addicted to alcohol or other drugs wind up with legal problems that stem from situations like arrests for DUI, drug possession, drug trafficking, domestic violence, probation violation and numerous other offenses. Drug courts have become common throughout the country, and as of July 14, 2009, there were 46 drug courts in Tennessee that had been operating for at least two years, 8 drug courts that were recently implemented and 5 drug courts that were being planned.

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During 2008, 37.3% of the Federally sentenced defendants in Tennessee had committed drug offenses. Approximately 30% of the drug offenses involved crack cocaine. Federal agencies also seized more than 1,300 kilograms of cocaine in Tennessee during that same year.

Methamphetamine addiction has also been a major problem in Tennessee, which led to the formation of initiatives such as MethWatch and Meth-Free Tennessee to connect up community resources for combating meth labs and crystal meth addiction.

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