Tennessee Drug Rehab Centers

Rehab help for TennesseeAre you tired of seeing no results with drug rehabs in Tennessee? Are you searching for help to find a drug rehab for someone in TN that actually works? We can help.

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There are approximately 200 alcohol and drug rehab centers in Tennessee, but only about 13 percent of people receving some type of rehab or treatment attend inpatient services. In addition, just slighly more than 6 percent of Tennessee residents who were in a rehab facility at the time of the survey were enrolled in a long-term residential rehabilitation program, which was only about 800 people.

The total number of people in Tennessee who were were enrolled in some type of addiction treatment program at the time of the survey was about 13,000. More than 11,000 of these were attending outpatient programs, which was equal to over 86 percent of the total rehab clients and accounts for such a high relapse rate in the state.

How to Find the Right Rehab in TN

Even for those people in Tennessee who do go to some type of inpatient drug rehab, there are many types of rehabs and some are much more effective than others. While there may not be any one type of treatment program that will work for everyone, we can assist you through a confidential asssessment to help deterimine what type of rehab is best for you or a loved one from Tennessee, and how to find the right rehabilitation facility for your specific situation.

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Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a rehab program for someone from Tennessee:

  1. How long is the program?
  2. Should you stay in Tennessee or look at going out of the state?
  3. Is it individualized treatment or mostly group therapy?
  4. What type of treatment principles to they follow (12 step or non-12-step)?
  5. Do they feel addicts are diseased and it's not their fault or that they can be responsible for their condition with the right help?
  6. Does the facility in Tennessee follow up with drug rehab program completions and track their recovery rates? If so, what is their success rate?
  7. How much does the Tennessee program cost, and is it all-inclusive or on a monthly basis?

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